cropped-image.jpgDear visitor,

My name N.S. I’m using my initials because I’m a bit paranoid. I have a name unique enough that you could Google it and find all five of my previous addresses. I know this because I checked. Granted, you’d need my county and country, but that wouldn’t be hard to deduce (perhaps I watch too many true crime documentaries). What I will share is the purpose of this blog.

It’s gone through at least six theme changes, seven blog names, and has had about four or five “purposes.” At one point I thought I’d write about the history of my hometown (an option that is still in consideration.) In many ways, this blog has become a digital impression of my brain. Fickle. Uncertain. Forgetful. Sometimes neglected. I over think quite a bit. For instance, this “about” page I’m currently writing as gone through ten or twenty revisions. I digress.

Back in 2016, my purpose was simple: write. I’m not a professional writer that would have required me to have discovered this passion before going to college which I did not and instead received a degree in history. That said, I’m not the cliché “aspiring artist.” You know the one the about the cubicle worker stuck in a squeaky chair, who dreams of becoming a famous [insert art category], but is instead working a suffocating job tediously tap-tap-tapping on computer keys.

I actually enjoy my job and I’m not being sarcastic. If there were a more isolating, quiet, and tedious job I would apply for it in a heartbeat. Sure it’s not something to be proud of, and no one will call me the “most interesting man in the world,” but it’s what I like. Maybe it’s just my shyness, but a quiet, dull room can feel human it can feel familiar like a good friend who won’t judge you, but instead leaves you be. I digress again.

So this is my blog, a collection of short stories written during the intervals between work and life. I hope you enjoy it as much as enjoy writing it.

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