5917a13d191905c65085b1d1ae70d567-2Dear reader,

This blog is a place where I share my stories, or to put it another way, a place to share my passion with strangers. If I had to describe them, my stories that is, I’d use a word that was once ascribed to me, eerie. 

Years ago I worked at Off Broadway Shoe Warehouse it’s kind of self-explanatory, but it was a discount shoe store. My boss was round and built like a high school football coach.  He sat me down in his small office with a window view of the parking lot and said, “You’re a bit eerie.” I remember my throat hurting because I was holding in my laughter. Who knew that a seventeen year old girl could scare a middle-aged man?

I promise I’m not a frightening person. My skin isn’t scaled and lizard-like. My eyes don’t bulge from their sockets. I’m just plain normal. I’ve got a plump face that pinks under the sun. I wear the same clothes each week because I hate shopping and despise clutter. I don’t know how to put on make up or tame my frizzy hair, because growing up I preferred books and movies; Which I currently regret since I work in an office where women power down the hallways in high-heeled shoes and perfectly styled outfits. If you hadn’t guessed social settings make me nauseated and anxious, but don’t call me shy ( I hate that word) I prefer to describe myself as reticent. Oh, I also love animals, but they’re usually scared of me, and that’s okay because I’m scared of them too. So, my stories may be eerie, but I’m very much a normal person and I hope you enjoy.

Best Regards,


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