Chicken Walk Paw

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As he pedaled uphill on his rusty bike, cars zoomed past. Humidity stuck to his skinny, half-naked body. Sweat trickled into his mouth. Its saltiness made him thirsty, but he wasn’t going to stop. There was no official sign to mark the spot just a…

The Spitting Cave Creature



He stood on the starting block with his eyes locked on the end of the pool. A warmth came over him as though the sunlight beamed solely on him. The starting pistol took everyone by surprise, but not him. Tyler dove in and swam as smooth…

Swimmer’s Fire

Joseph stared into the dirt hole at the two skeletal remains. They were perfectly intact, but their bones were visibly brittle as though a light breeze could shatter them at any moment. He stepped into the pit carefully so not to disturb them. Their skulls…

Hard to Say



Grandfather handed her the sledgehammer. The stone wall cracked with each blow. Sharp bits of rock flung to her face. They trekked a mile into the earth to find this, but then a sound echoed down the narrow passage. Grandfather moved the torch towards the noise.…

Murderous Caves



Despite the thick looming overcast, reporters from across the country descended upon the quaint suburban town. Within minutes, all eyes were on this modest two-story home. A crow noticing the commotion swooped down and perched himself on an open window. Inside, a woman was sitting on…

School Shooter’s Parents



Mrs. Willow was a red-haired hippie with a heart full of kindness. When the class read Shakespeare, she brought hats with feathers, fake daggers, and a plastic skull. That year, and every year after, the office would run out of paper leaving teachers to scratch…

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