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Entry 12: Rock of Cashel

We moseyed along the perimeter following the stone wall that circled the ruins. Tombstones and lush green grass filled the space between the wall and the castle. Coldness crept into my coat, I shivered while snapping a picture of an old monastery with no roof, it stood far beyond the walls among the several country cottages. A dog barked somewhere. We drew closer to the structure; its roof was gone, its walls in crumbs, its towers piecing the angry clouds.

Square Hole

There was a square hole in his cell. It shined just enough light for him to see the black stone walls which imprisoned him. He stood on his toes, but his fingertips barely grazed the metal bars. He leaned against the wall feeling its coolness against his bare chest.

Entry 11: Walking the Dog

It wasn't a hiking trail, just a dirt path lined with thin and thick trees. Their branches stretched out in all directions; I never could tell when one branch began, and another ended, but their tips touched creating a dome of branches and leaves.

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