Entry 12: Rock of Cashel

We moseyed along the perimeter following the stone wall that circled the ruins. Tombstones and lush green grass filled the space between the wall and the castle. Coldness crept into my coat, I shivered while snapping a picture of an old monastery with no roof, it stood far beyond the walls among the several country cottages. A dog barked somewhere. We drew closer to the structure; its roof was gone, its walls in crumbs, its towers piecing the angry clouds.

Entry 5: Highlands of Kerry

Every person who travels to Ireland will describe its green landscape, and they should because it's as vast as the blue sky, but what struck me most was the silence. Far from the cities and towns, hidden within the fields was a stillness disrupted only by the occasional breeze. It was as though the whole world had vanished and all that remained was a place void of humanity.

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